Solar Viewing at the CAS Observatory

The Sun

Cardiff Astronomical Society is offering a solar viewing experience on a Saturday between 10.30 and 2.30 at Dyffryn Gardens on the dates shown below

The solar viewing is run for members interested in the activity of the sun, our junior representative Owen Cornelius is on hand to help any youngsters interested. The society has a number of telescopes fitted with solar filters including the large Celestron 11inch telescope.

Come along to the observatory and join in the fun.

Date Day Time Venue Weather
3rd Sept Saturday 10.30 -2.30 Dyffryn Gardens
1st Oct Saturday 10.30 -2.30 Dyffryn Gardens
22nd Oct Saturday 10.30 -2.30 Dyffryn Gardens
12th Nov Saturday 10.30 -2.30 Dyffryn Gardens
3rd Dec Saturday 10.30 -2.30 Dyffryn Gardens
30th Dec Saturday 10.30 -2.30 Dyffryn Gardens

Fiery Looping Rain on the Sun

Eruptive events on the sun can be wildly different. Some come just with a solar flare, some with an additional ejection of solar material called a coronal mass ejection (CME), and some with complex moving structures in association with changes in magnetic field lines that loop up into the sun's atmosphere, the corona.

On July 19, 2012, an eruption occurred on the sun that produced all three. A moderately powerful solar flare exploded on the sun's lower right hand limb, sending out light and radiation. Next came a CME, which shot off to the right out into space. And then, the sun treated viewers to one of its dazzling magnetic displays -- a phenomenon known as coronal rain.

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