The following list shows the Programme of speakers

Meetings hosted by

School of Physics and Astronomy

Cardiff University

Queens Buildings The Parade


CF24 3AA

All talks start at 7.30 pm
Trevithick Lecture Theatre - T/2.09

Date Description Name and Location
Thursday 3rd September 2015 Astronomy with Two Million Eyes. Dr Chris Lintott,Oxford Univerity.
Thursday 17th September 2015. Astronomical Societies in Victorian Britain. Dr. Allan Chapman, Oxford University
Thursday 1st October 2015. Saturn: Lord of the Rings. Andy Lound,Planetary Society Birmingham.
Thursday 15th October 2015 Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Dr David Whitehouse,Farnborough,Hampshire.
Thursday 29th October 2015. The Structure of the Cosmos-A Matter of Some Gravity. Prof John Brown,Astronomer Royal for Scotland.
Thursday 12th November 2015. Supernovae and Serendipity: The Discovery of a Type 1a Supernova in M82,January 2014. Dr Steve Fossey,University College London.
Thursday 26th November 2015. Confessions of an Astronomer. Prof Ian Robson,Royal Observatory Edinburgh.
Thursday 10th December 2015. The Star of Bethlehem. Prof David Hughes,Sheffield University.
Thursday 7th January 2016. The Great Quasar Debate 1963-1986. Prof Mike Edmunds,Cardiff University.
Thursday 21st January 2016 The talk by Dr Martin Griffiths,University of South Wales.has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. It has been replaced by 3D Astronomy Shows TBA
Thursday 4th February 2016 Telescopes through the Ages. Dr Chris North,Cardiff University.
Thursday 18th February 2016 Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances
Thursday 3rd March 2016. Timekeeping on Mars. Dr Nik Whitehead,Swansea Astronomical Society..
Thursday 17th March 2016. William & Caroline Herschel:An 18th Century Cosmic Partnership. Jonathan Hall,Bath.
Thursday 31st March 2016. Deep Sky Observing. Callum Potter,Tewkesbury Glos.
Thursday 14th April 2016. Annual General Meeting Cardiff Astronomical Society
Thursday 28th April 2016. Aliens Marc Delaney
Thursday 12th May 2016. The Closest & Brightest Radio Galaxies. Prof Mark Birkinshaw,Bristol University.
Thursday 26th May 2016. Gravitational Waves: Nature's Biggest Explosions Dr Patrick Sutton from Cardiff University
Thursday 9th June 2016. The Universe:There & back in 40 Minutes. Grant Privett,Witshire.
Thursday 23rd June 2016. Deep Sky Astronomical Imaging under City Lights. Nick Hart,Cardiff Astronomical Society.
Thursday 7th July 2016. Three Short Talks. Cardiff Astronomical Society members.
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