Society Officers

Title Name
President (Ex-Officio) Professor W K Gear
Vice President (Ex-Officio) Professor M J Disney
Vice President (Ex-Officio) Professor M G Edmunds
Vice President (Ex-Officio) Professor J I Davies
Chairman Phill Wallace
Vice Chairman Martin Chick
Secretary Robert Jones
Assistant Secretary Spencer Grennan
Minutes Secretary Jeffrey Mansfield
Treasurer Peter Crabb
Membership Secretary Katherine Compton
Merchandising Officer James Hennessy
Social Secretary Katherine Compton
Librarian Peter Crabb
Observatory Manager Alan Stephens
Assistant Observatory Manager Claude Vallee
Director of Observations Bob Biss
Curator of Instruments Alan Stephens
Webmaster Alan Stephens
Junior Representative Kayleigh Churchill
UKMON Co-ordinator Edward Cooper
Publications Officer John Richards
Dark Sky Co-ordinator Vacant
Ordinary Member Aga Furtak
All Committee Members Committee
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