2017-18 Talks

Our talks are hosted by
the School of Physics and Astronomy at:

Cardiff University
Queen's Buildings
The Parade
CF24 3AA

All talks start at 7.30 p.m. and attendees are kindly invited to sign the visitors' book upon arrival!

Date Description Speaker
7th September 2017 Gravitational Waves: Nature's Biggest Explosions Dr. Patrick Sutton, LIGOS
15th September 2017 The Search for Extraterrestrial Life Professor Jim Al-Khalili, University of Surrey
21st September 2017 Thinking About Galaxies Professor Mike Disney, CAS and Cardiff University
5th October 2017 OSIRIS-REx - A Journey to Bennu John Maclean, FRAS - UK Ambassador for NASA's OSIRIS-REx
19th October 2017 The Day They Launched A Woodpecker Part 1 Jerry Stone, Spaceflight UK
2nd November 2017 Northern Lights Will Gater, astronomy writer, author and journalist
16th November 2017 The large scale structure of the Universe Dr Mattia Negrello, Cardiff University
30th November 2017 The travelling astronomer: observing from Spain Andy Burns, Wiltshire Astronomical Society
14th December 2017 Why are lunar seas and craters round? Dr Jane Clark, CAS
4th January 2018 Contact with Extraterrestials - how will it change us? Martin Griffiths, Dark Sky Wales
18th January 2018 Gaia: the billion star surveyor Paul Roche, Cardiff University
1st February 2018 Citizen Science Alice Sheppard, University College, London
15th February 2018 Meteors and Fireballs - what can we learn from observing them? Professor Iwan Williams, Queen Mary University, London
1st March 2018 Mary Fairfax Somerville TALK CANCELLED BECAUSE OF ADVERSE WEATHER Dr Allan Chapman, Oxford University
15th March 2018 The Large Hadron Collider - a theorist's perspective Professor Mauricio Piai, Swansea University
29th March 2018 Broadband, Narrowband - from a city Nick Hart, CAS
12th April 2018 The Ancient Egyptians and their Astronomy Dr Pauline Norris, Independent Researcher of Egyptology
26th April 2018 CAS Annual General Meeting
10th May 2018 How to find your own nebula Dr Rhys Morris, Bristol University
24th May 2018 Mysteries of the Solar System Dr Chris North, Cardiff University
7th June 2018 The Art of Astrophotography Professor Ian Morison, Jodrell Bank
21st June 2018 DustPedia - a multi-wavelength study of galaxies Professor Jon Davies, Cardiff University
5th July 2018 Mary Fairfax Somerville Dr Allan Chapman, Oxford University