Astronomy Media Research

My name is Alex Green, I'm currently doing some research for a new media outlet which dedicates itself to amateur astronomy. Astronomy is a passion of mine and whilst there are many great publications out there; I want to create something that is a little more specific, addresses the astronomy societies and feels like a community. Something everyone can feel a part of in its whole and its in growth.

I would be grateful if you would take part by answering five quick questions which will help me tailor the idea more specifically, to contact me on this e-mail address, which is:

My questions are these.

1. Which magazines do you buy regularly or subscribe to?
2. What is it you like about that magazine? What do they include that you particularly like to read or see?
3. What would you like this magazine, or any astronomy magazine or media outlet for that matter, to include?
4. What about the magazine you buy regularly do you dislike?
5. Would you prefer a physical magazine, an online format or audio?

*For those who don't subscribe or purchase anything regularly, what content would make you want to read a specific magazine regularly?

Thanks very much for your time,

Alex Green