Marc Delaney

Hi, I am a keen amateur astronomer since decades, and have served on the commitee of this society as Director and Assistant Director of Observations for many years. Although not on committee now, I still get pleasure from helping the society and its members with whatever astronomical skills I have developed over the years. Here are some of the astronomical images I have taken with various telescopes and cameras. The deep sky images I shot with a DSLR or long exposure astro camera, taking several shots, then stacking. The Moon and Planets required a video type camera which captures hundreds of very short exposures in an AVI file, which are then stacked. For the Sun any camera can be used, but it is absolutely essential to fit an approved Solar filter to the front of the scope or use a dedicated Hydrogen-Alpha telescope, otherwise severe eye damage is guaranteed.
If you want to pick my brains on anything astronomy related, contact one of the committee members to get in touch.

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