The Cardiff Astronomical Society (CAS)

Introduce legislation to combat light pollution

Light pollution does not only steal from us our stars, but also has massive negative implications for both people and the environment.

Therefore, steps should be taken to reduce light pollution, particularly in areas where it has the greatest impact on the wellbeing on humans or other species.

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The CAS Observatory at Dyffryn Gardens is a major asset of the Cardiff Astronomical Society and we are keen that it is used as the hub of society observing events from beginner to advanced practitioner.
Two types of event are regularly scheduled with a typical frequency being once a month, the dates and times of upcoming events can be found below and will be publicised elsewhere e.g. Website, Twitter, Facebook, Newsletters and at Society Meetings. There may also be events arranged to coincide with specific astronomical occurrences.

Star Parties

Star Parties are usually held on a Tuesday night. These sessions are ideal for our junior members and anyone else who wants to learn their way around the night sky. Each event will start with a general sky tour.
We will not be concentrating on faint fuzzy objects, but the brighter Messier objects, the Moon and bright planets. We will try and show you how to observe and what little tricks to use to help locate things. You may learn something, you may not, but we promise they will be light hearted and fun.
Star Parties will run from 7.30 to 9.30 p.m. unless otherwise stated. Please note that all private equipment brought to CAS events is not insured by CAS and therefore CAS shall not be held liable for any damage or loss. The owner of the instrument is responsible for the safe and proper use at all times in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

Day and Date

June 7th



8.00 - 10.30



Dyffreyn Gardens

Castle Heights Golf Club

Latitude, Longitude and Elevation (approximately)

51.444° N, -3.305° W
and 56m

51.551° N, -3.238° W
and 194m

Presentation to Martin Chick

Martin Chick is one of the founder members of the Cardiff Astronomical Society and has been a member for over 40 years.
The presentation was given in recognition of his loyal service to the Cardiff Astronomical Society. The presentation was a display cabinet with fragments of meteorites which fell to earth in Nantan China 1516, Sikhote-Alin near Vladivostok Russia 1947 and Canyon Diablo 30,000 years ago in Arizona.

Bill Sutherland Award

This award was set up in memory of Bill Sutherland, an early member of CAS, who passed away in 1990. It is awarded each year at the AGM, to a CAS member who has shown outstanding enthusiasm for astronomy and the Society

At the Cardiff Astronomical Society's AGM, it was awarded to Cedric Longville in recognition of the outstanding contribution he has made to enabling the society to be registered for Charity Status.

The Cardiff Astronomical Society is a thriving society located in South East Wales. Come and join some of the Society's 300+ members at one of our meetings or observing sessions. Cardiff Astronomical Society promises a warm and friendly welcome for all!!

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0nly £15.00 per annum means you can borrow the Society's Telescopes and make use of our Library.

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Up and coming events with CAS

Solar Viewing July 30th, Brecon Beacons Visitor Centre

Telescope Workshop, September 24th, National Museum, Cardiff

Stargazing October 22nd , Brecon Beacons

Stargazing Live (without the BBC!) Saturday October 29th, Dyffryn Gardens

St. Fagans on November 19th, whole evening of activities, CAS being just one of the organisations present.

Introduction in Astronomy 1

Introduction in Astronomy 2

Introduction in Astronomy 3

Introduction in Astronomy 4

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