The Cardiff Astronomical Society (CAS)

Presentation to Martin Chick

Martin Chick is one of the founder members of the Cardiff Astronomical Society and has been a member for over 40 years.
The presentation was given in recognition of his loyal service to the Cardiff Astronomical Society. The presentation was a display cabinet with fragments of meteorites which fell to earth in Nantan China 1516, Sikhote-Alin near Vladivostok Russia 1947 and Canyon Diablo 30,000 years ago in Arizona.

Bill Sutherland Award

This award was set up in memory of Bill Sutherland, an early member of CAS, who passed away in 1990. It is awarded each year at the AGM, to a CAS member who has shown outstanding enthusiasm for astronomy and the Society

At the Cardiff Astronomical Society's AGM, it was awarded to Cedric Longville in recognition of the outstanding contribution he has made to enabling the society to be registered for Charity Status.

The Cardiff Astronomical Society is a thriving society located in South East Wales. Come and join some of the Society's 300+ members at one of our meetings or observing sessions. Cardiff Astronomical Society promises a warm and friendly welcome for all!!

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9th May, Transit of Mercury - Central Museum Cardiff

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