The Cardiff Astronomical Society (CAS)

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24th SEAC Conference

The Marriage of Astronomy and Culture: Theory and Method in the Study of Cultural Astronomy

12th - 16th September 2016

At Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution
16 Queen Square
United Kingdom

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Cardiff Astronomical Society

Cardiff Astronomical Society CAS was founded in July 1975 by Dr. Bob Owens and Dave Powell at an 'out of London' meeting of the British Astronomical Association held at Dyffryn Gardens. The Society continues to develop its activities, ably supported by a very active and enthusiastic committee. Membership has increased steadily over the years to more than 300+ which certainly makes CAS one of the largest formally constituted amateur astronomical societies in the UK.

A series of talks is held on alternate Thursday evenings from September to July at Cardiff University Physics and Astronomy Department, members attending meetings usually number over 60 and on several occasions during the year over 100. The programme is varied and comprises of lectures, short talks and debates. The aim is to cater for all interests, at whatever level, beginner or advanced. The Society is able to attract the very best speakers from all over the UK and beyond.

In addition, we hold regular observing sessions at our own observatory at Dyffryn Gardens. Members are able to look up at the sky with the help of more experienced observers and use some of the telescopes owned by the Society. For those who need help there is usually a naked eye sky tour to start the night off.

A comprehensive Library is available for use by all members. In addition, members may also borrow Society telescopes by arrangement.

The Cardiff Astronomical Society is a thriving society located in South East Wales. Come and join some of the Society's 300+ members at one of our meetings or observing sessions. Cardiff Astronomical Society promises a warm and friendly welcome for all!!

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0nly £15.00 per annum means you can borrow the Society's Telescopes and make use of our Library.

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Up and coming events with CAS

Solar Viewing July 30th, Brecon Beacons Visitor Centre

Telescope Workshop, September 24th, National Museum, Cardiff

Stargazing October 22nd , Brecon Beacons

Stargazing Live (without the BBC!) Saturday October 29th, Dyffryn Gardens

St. Fagans on November 19th, whole evening of activities, CAS being just one of the organisations present.


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