Would you like to get involved with the Society's activities?

Help Us

The CAS Committee would like to hear from anyone who would like to give a bit of their time to help with some of the activities we undertake. We are regularly asked to take part in public and outreach events on top of those we instigate ourselves, and these requests are increasing. We are keen to participate in them as we like to spread an interest in astronomy and this is also where we often attract new members. These events can be large (e.g. Stargazing Live at Dyffryn Gardens) or small (e.g. helping a cub group get their space badges) or be just the Society's own observing sessions.

We already have a small group of non-Committee members who help on a regular basis and we would be lost without them. We are not asking for a great deal of your time and it doesn't matter if you can help with only one event. If you think you don't have enough experience to help just yet, why not come along to observe what we do so you can see for yourself how you might be able to help? In fact, though, being a beginner at astronomy can be an advantage as it will demonstrate to the public that you don't have to have a degree in astrophysics to enjoy astronomy and Society business!

Here are some of things you could help with:

* Become trained on how to use the main telescope at Dyffryn Gardens so that you can help run observing sessions (there are always at least two people running these so you would never be on your own). You can also help in other ways, especially at Star Parties, even if you can't operate the telescope
* Come to a public or outreach event to help set things up, demonstrate the use of a telescope, talk to the public about astronomy or just point people in the right direction. Being friendly and approachable is a great asset at these events
* Give a talk at an event. These will be at novice level sometimes e.g. to child groups like beavers or brownies
* Draft the minutes of Committee meetings

If you are interested in helping or want to find out more, please speak to a member of the Committee or use our ContactUsForm. We will then contact you to find out what help you would like to give and, if you are interested, you will be put on an email list of people we will contact when help is needed. We do understand that people have busy lives and if you are not available when we ask, that would not be a problem.