Star Parties

The Society's "Star Parties" are held at our own Observatory in the grounds of Dyffryn Gardens - see the second map here

Anyone interested in attending a Star Party should first contact Ian McLean at:

The Star Parties are aimed at beginners to astronomy of all ages. They consist of talks, demonstrations of the night sky in real time or on Stellarium and an introduction to the various types of telescopes. The Star Parties are ideal for our junior members and anyone else who wants to learn their way around the night sky. Each event will start with a general night sky tour. We concentrate on the brighter Messier objects, the Moon and bright planets.

There will be at least two (usually more) CAS members on duty.

Don't forget it's YOUR Society, so come along and have a good time!

Future Star Parties

Date Day Time Venue
5th April Friday 21.30-23.00 but visitors do not need to stay until the very end! Dyffryn Gardens
3rd May Friday 22.00-00.00 but visitors do not have to stay until midnight! Dyffryn Gardens
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