The Joan Thomas Library


The Society's "Joan Thomas Library" is named after a loved and much respected previous Society Librarian who died in 2015. It is for use by Society members and contains an extensive range of astronomical books. The Library Catalogue has been divided according to subject to make browsing a bit easier, and is set out below. Please bear in mind that some books are currently out on loan.

The Library is located in a side room off the lecture room at the Cardiff University Department of Physics and Astronomy in which the Society holds its fortnightly talks. The Library will be open half an hour prior to a talk and for a short period afterwards. Items can be loaned initially for 2 months. This can be extended as long as no other member has requested the item. Items can only be loaned by paid members.

If you would like to loan an item please contact Greg Titley, the society secretary using our ContactUsForm

Finally, the Society is happy to receive donated books from members and we would also welcome reviews from members of Library books they have borrowed and enjoyed!

Atlas of the Heavens - Atlas Coeli 1950 Antonio Becvar 1962
Elger's Map of the Moon H P Wilkins 1959
Philip's Moon Map 1990
Star Clusters B A Archinal & S J Hynes 2003
Starlist 2000 Quick Ref Star Catalogue Richard Dibon-Smith 2000
The Atlas of Mercury Charles Across & Patrick Moore 1977
The Atlas of the Universe Patrick Moore 1970
The Night Sky Observer's Guide Vol 1: Autumn & Winter G R Kepple & G W Sanner 2000
The Night Sky Observer's Guide Vol 2: Spring & Summer G R Kepple & G W Sanner 2002
The Photographic Atlas of the Stars H J P Artnold, P Doherty & P Moore 1999
The Stargazer's Handbook Giles Sparrow 2007
Variable Stars - Webb Society Deep-Sky Observer's Handbook Ed. K G Jones 1990
A Journey with Fred Hoyle The Search for Cosmic Life Chandra Wickramasinghe 2005
Carl Sagan - A Life Keay Davidson 1999
Edwin Hubble - Mariner of the nebulae Gale E Christianson 1995
Einstein for Beginners J Schwartz & M McGuinness 1992
Einstein in 90 minutes John & Mary Cribbin 1997
England's Leonardo: Robert Hooke & the 17th Century Scientific Revolution Allan Chapman 2005
Explorers of Space Patrick Moore 1986
Fred Hoyle - A Life in Science Simon Mitton 2005
From Copernicus to Einstein Hans Reichenbach 1970
Jeremiah Horrocks - young genius & first Venus transit observer Paul Marston 2004
John Glenn - A Memoir John Glenn & Nick Taylor 1999
Longitude - The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time Dava Sobel 1996
Miss Leavitt's Stars George Johnson 2005
Newton's Gift David Berlinski 2000
Patrick Moore - The Autobiography Patrick Moore 2003
Richard Feynman - A Life in Science John Gribbin and Mary Gribbin 1998
Searching the Stars. The story of Caroline Herschel M B Ogilvie 2008
Space has no Frontier - The terrestrial life& Times of Bernard Lovell J Bromey-Dacvenport 2013
Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" - A Reader's Companion Ed: Stephen Hawking Prepared by Gene Stone 1992
Stephen Hawking A Life in Science M White & J Gribbin 1992
Surely You're Joking, Mr Feynman! Richard P Feynman 1985
The Age of Wonder Richard Holmes 2008
Atlas of the Solar System Peter Grossi etc 2004
CD-3D Atlas of Mars Xamba Software Ltd 2001
CD-Solar System Explorer Knowledge 1996
Introducing Chandra & The X-ray Univers 2007
Various "Sky At Night" CDs BBC 2010
Ancient Light. Our Changing View of the Universe Alan Lightman 1991
Big Bang - The most important scientific discovery of all time etc Simon Singh 2004
Black Holes J P Luminet 1992
Bubbles, voids and bumps in time - the new cosmology Ed. James Cornell 1989
Companion to the Cosmos John Gribbin 1997
Cosmic Catastrophes J Craig Wheeler 2000
Cosmic Imagery - Key Images in the History of Science John D Barrow 2008
Cosmos - The infographic book of space Stuart Lowe & Chris North 2015
Dark Side of the Universe - Dark Matter, Dark Energy and the Fate of the Cosmos Iain Nicolson 2007
Einstein's Greatest Blunder? Donald Goldsmith 1995
Just Six Numbers Martin Rees 1999
Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos - the Quest for the Secret of the Universe Dennis Overbye 1993
Man and the Cosmos Gerald E Tauber 1979
Masks of the Universe - Changing Ideas on the Nature of the Cosmos Edward Harrison 2003
Masters of Time John Boslough 1992
Matter, Dark Matter and Anti-Matter Alain Mazure & Vincent Le Brun 2012
Our Cosmic Habitat Martin Rees 2001
Redshift Stuart Clark 1997
Relativity and Cosmology, 2nd Edition William J Kaufman III 1977
Stardust - the cosmic recycling of stars, planets and people John Gribbin 2001
The Alchemy of the Heavens (2 copies) Ken Croswell 1996
The Artful Universe Expanded John D Barrow 2005
The Big Bang Theory Karen C Fox 2002
The Big Questions Stuart Clark 2012
The Birth of Time - How We Measured The Age Of The Universe John Gribbin 1999
The Cosmic Onion Frank Close 1983
The Cosmos Time Life 1988
The Dark Matter - The Quest for the Mass Hidden in our Universe W & K Tucker 1988
The Edge of Infinity Paul Davies 1994
The Elegant Universe - Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory Brian Greene 1999
The Last Three Minutes. Paul Davies 1994
The Magic Furnace Marcus Chown 1999
The Nature of the Universe (A Series of Broadcast Lectures) Fred Hoyle 1950
The New World of Mr Tompkins Gamow & Stannard 1999
The Origin of the Universe John D Barrow 1994
The Stuff of the Universe - Dark Matter, Mankind and the Coincidences of Cosmology John Gribbin & Martin Rees 1990
To See the Face of God Jonathon Davies 2008
Towards the Edge of the Universe Stuart Clark 1997
Wrinkles in Time George Snoot & Keay Davidson 1995
Collins Dictionary of Astronomy Daintith and Gould 2006
Oxford Illustrated Encyclopedia Misc 1993
Space Encyclopedia Heather Cooper & Nigel Henbest 1999
The Astronomy Encyclopaedia Ed. Patrick Moore 1989
The Canopus Encyclopedia of Astronomy Ed. P Murdin & M Penston 2004
The Icon Critical Dictionary of the New Cosmology Ed. Peter Coles 1998
Astrophysics I: Stars R Bowers & T Deeming 1984
Astrophysics II: Interstellar Matter and Galaxies R Bowers & T Deeming 1984
Colliding Galaxies The Universe in Turmoil Barry Parker 1990
Galaxies Open University 1994
Stellar Evolution A J Meadows 1982
Structure and Evolution of Galaxies Ed. Giancarlo Setti 1974
Supernova - The violent death of a star Donald Goldsmith 1990
The Classification of Stars C Jaschek & M Jaschek 1990
A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking 1988
Afterglow of Creation - From the Fireball to the Discovery of Cosmic Ripples Marcus Chown 1993
Astronomica Professor Patrick Moore 2007
Astronomy Iain Nicolson 1974
Astronomy for Dummies Stephen P Maran 2005
Astronomy - A Beginner's Guide to the Sky at Night Paul Sutherland 2007
Astronomy - A Self-teaching Guide Dinal L Moche 1993
At Home in the Universe - The Search for Laws of Complexity Stuart Kauffman 1995
Between Inner Space and Outer Space John D Barrow 2000
Cosmos Carl Sagan 1981
Dust - A History of the Small & the Invisible Joseph A Amato 2000
First Light - The Search for the Edge of the Universe Richard Preston 1991
First Magnitude - A book of the Bright Sky James B Kaler 2013
Foundations of Astronomy Michael A Seeds 1990
Galileo's Finger - the Ten Great Ideas of Science Peter Atkins 2003
Hothouse Earth - the Greenhouse Effect & Gaia John Gribbin 1990
Introductory Astronomy Keith Holliday 1998
Letts Pocket Guide to Stars & Planets P Forey & C Fitzsimons 1991
Nothing: From absolute zero to cosmic oblivion - amazing insights into nothingness Ed. Jeremy Webb 2013
Observing the Deep Sky - an astronomer's companion Daren Bushnall 2005
Other Worlds - Space, Superspace and the Quantum Universe Paul Davies 1988
Our Universe: An Astronomer's Guide Jo Dunkley 2019
Patrick Moore's Astronomy Quiz Book Patrick Moore 1987
Secrets of Space Anthony Feldman 1980
Space - Discover the Universe Miles Kelly 2012
Spacewatching Burnham, Dyer, Garfinkle, George etc 1998
Teach Yourself Astronomy with Patrick Moore Patrick Moore 1995
The Book of Nothing John D Barrow 2000
The Case of the Missing Neutrinos and other curious phenomena of the Universe John Gribbin 2000
The Cosmic Blueprint Paul Davies 1989
The Cosmic Microwave Background Rhodri Evans 2015
The Dynamic Universe - an introduction to astronomy, 4th edition Theodore P Snow 1991
The Emperor's New Mind Roger Penrose 1989
The End of Science John Horgan 1996
The Exploding Universe Nigel Henbest 1979
The Guide to the Galaxy Henbest and Cooper 1994
The London Planetarium
The Natural History of the Universe Colin A Ronan 1991
The Planets Andrew Cohen with Prof Brian Cox 2019
The Pocket Guide to Astronomy Ian Ridpath 1990
The Rough Guide to the Universe John Scalzi 2003
The Secret Life of Dust From the Cosmos to the Kitchen Counter etc Hannah Holmes 2001
The Universe in a Nutshell Stephen Hawking 2001
The World Treasury of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics Ed. Timothy Ferris 1991
Universe, 6th edition Kaufmann & Freedman 2002
What's New in Space Patrick Moore 1982
A Treatise on Astronomy Hugh Godfray 1886
Dust - A History of the Small & the Invisible Joseph A Amato 2000
Foundations of Astronomy W M Smart 1965
Guide de l'Ouvrier en Verres d'Optique de Precision Colonel Charles Deve 1930
In Starry Realms Sir Robert S Ball 1892
L'Evolution de l'Astronomie Moderne Pierre Busco 1912
New Handbook of the Heavens Bernard Bennett Rice 1948
Popular Lectures on Scientific Subjects Sir John F W Herschel 1895
Recent Advances in Astronomy Alfred H.Fison 1898
Science News 19 Ed: J L Crammer 1951
Star-Land Sir Robert S Ball 1893
Telescopic Work for Starlight Evenings W F Denning 1891
The Cardiff City Telescope (2 copies) Arthur Mee 1906
The Expanding Universe (in transparent folder) Sir Arthur Eddington 1941
The Expanding Universe Sir Arthur Eddington 1933
The Living Universe J D Hebwynd & V A Rytov 1963
The Milky Way Bart J Bok & Priscilla F Bok 1946
The Mysterious Universe Sir James Jeans 1931
The Nature of the Universe Fred Hoyle 1950
The Stars in their Courses Sir James Jeans 1931
The Story of the Heavens (2 copies) Sir Robert Stawell Ball 1891
The Story of the Heavens Sir Robert Ball 1913
The Telescope Louis Bell 1922
The Telescope Sir John Herschel 1861
Violent Universe Nigel Calder 1973
Astronomy before the Telescope Ed: Christopher Walker 1996
Comets, Cosmology and the Big Bang - from Halley to Hubble Allan Chapman 2018
Gods in the Sky. Astronomy form the Ancients to the Renaissance Allan Chapman 2001
Lunatick Astronomy. The Astronomical Activities of the Lunar Society (2 copies) Andrew P B Lound 2008 & 2009
Measuring the Universe Kitty Ferguson 1999
Newton and the Counterfeiter Thomas Levenson 2009
Parallax - The race to measure the Cosmos Alan W Hirshfeld 2001
Patrick Moore's Millennium Yearbook Patrick Moore & Allan Chapman 2000
Star Names - Their Lore and Meaning R Hincklay Allen 2005
Starseekers Colin Wilson 1980
Stonehenge Neolithic Man and the Cosmos John North 1996
The Age of Science - What Scientists Learned in the Twentieth Century Gerard Piel 2001
The Book Nobody Read - in pursuit of revolutions of Copernicus Owen Gingerich 2004
The Cambridge Concise History of Astronomy Ed Michael Hoskin 1999
The Dance of Time - The Origins of the Calendar Michael Judge 2004
The Story of Jodrell Bank Bernard Lovell 1968
The Sun Kings Stuart Clark 2007
Cosmic Dragons Life and Death on our Planet Chandra Wickramasinghe 2001
Deep Simplicity - Chaos, Complexity and the Emergence of Life John Gribbin 2004
Extraterrestrial Intelligence Jean Heidman 1995
Other Worlds - The search for life in the universe Michael Lemonick 1998
Rare Earth - Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe Peter Ward & Donald Brownlee 2000
The Origin of Life Paul Davies 2003
Where Is Everybody? The search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence Edward Ashpole 1989
Astronomical Photometry A Henden & R H Kaitchuck 1990
Astrophotography for the Amateur Michael Covington 1991
A Walk through the Heavens Milton D Heifetz and Wil Tirion 1996
Binocular Astronomy G.Crossen & W Tirion 2008
Challenges of Astronomy. Hands-on Experiments for the Sky & Laboratory Schlosser, Schmidt-Kaler & Milone 1994
Deep Sky Observing Steven R Coe 2000
Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars Patrick Moore 1986
Field Guide to the Deep Sky Objects Mike Inglis 2001
How to Observe the Sun Safely Lee Macdonald 2002
Introduction to Digital Astrophotography Robert Reeves 2006
Light Pollution Responses and Remedies Bob Mizon 2002
New Astronomy. The Practical Guide to the Skills & Techniques of Skywatching Carole Stott 1999
Night Scenes - Guide to Simple Astrophotography Paul Money 2012
Night Scenes - 2015 Paul Money 2015
Night Sky Northern Hemisphere Storm Dunlop 2008
Observing the Constellations John Sanford 1989
Philip's Dark Skies Map BAA CfDS 2004
Pocket Guide to Stars and Planets Ed. Martin Wace 1998
Practical Astronomy - A User-friendly Handbook for Sky Watchers H Robert Mills 1994
Skywatching Davy Levy 1994
Solar Observing Techniques Chris Kitchen 2001
The Art of Astrophotography Ian Morison 2017
The Guide to Amateur Astronomy J Newton & P Teece 1995
The Messier Album Mallas & Kreimer 1978
The Modern Amateur Astronomer Ed. Patrick Moore 1995
The Monthly Sky Guide Ian Ridpath & Wil Tirion 1996 & 1997
The Observer's Guide to Astronomy Vol 1 Ed. Patrick Martinez 1994
The Observer's Guide to Astronomy Vol 2 Ed. Patrick Martinez 1994
The Observer's Sky Atlas E.Karkoschka 2nd edition 1998
The Skywatcher's Handbook Colin A Ronan 1985
The Stars - The Starry Sky Patrick Moore 1994
Turn Left at Orion. A hundred night sky objects to see in a small telescope and how to find them Guy Consolmagno & Dan M Davis 1989
Viewing and Imaging the Solar System - A Guide for Amateur Astronomers Jane Clark 2015
Extraterrestrials - Where are they? Ed Zuckerman and Hart 1995
I'r Lleuad a Thu Hwnt Eirwen Gwynn 1964
Keeper of Genesis - The quest for the hidden legacy of mankind G.Bauval & G.Hancock 1996
The Meaning of It All Richard P Feynman 1998
ABC of Relativity Bertrand Russell 1958
Einstein's Mirror Tony Hey and Patrick Walters 1997
Einstein's Theory of Relativity Max Born 1962
In Search of Schrodinger's Cat - Quantum Physics and Reality John Gribbin 1996
In Search of SUSY - Supersymmetry and the Theory of Everythng John Gribbin 1998
Physics: A World View Larry D Kirkpatrick & Gregory E FrancisThomson Learning Inc 2004
Quarks - The Stuff of Matter Harold Fritzsch 1983
QED - the Strange Theory of Light and Matter Richard P Feynman 1990
Schrodinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality John Gribbin 1996
Supersymmetry and Beyond Gordon Kane 2013
The Fabric of the Cosmos Brian Greene 2004
The Matter Myth - Beyond Chaos and Complexity Paul Davies & John Gribbin 1992
The New Physics Ed. Paul Davies 1992
Turbulent Mirror - Guide to chaos and the science of wholeness Briggs & Peat 1990
A Concise Guide to the Stars & Planets Duncan John 2006
A Journey Through Time - Exploring the Universe with the Hubble Space Telescope J Barbree & M Caidin 1995
Cosmic Butterfies. The Colorful Mysteries of Planetary Nebulae Sun Knowk 2001
Galaxies Galaxies 1988
Galaxies Timothy Ferris 1980
Hubble - the mirror on the universe Robin Kerrod 2003
Images of the Cosmos Jones, Lambourne & Rothery 1990
The Amazing Universe Herbert Friedman 1975
The Night Sky Ed Cloutman 2013
Universe - A Journey from Earth to the centre of the Cosmos Nicolas Cheetham 2006
Visions of Heaven Tom Wilkie & Mark Rosselli 1998
Solar System
Arctic Lights Tromso Museum 2005
Astrophysics of the Sun Harold Zirin 1987
Aurora - The Northern Lights in Mythology, History & Science Harold Falck-Ytter 1999
Beginner's Guide to the Sun P O Taylor & N Hendrickson 1995
Comet Carl Sagan Ann Druyan 1997
Comets - Creators and Destroyers David H.Levy 1998
Comets - Culture and Catastrophe Prof Wickramasinghe 1998
Discovering the Solar System Barrie W.Jones 1999
Extrasolar Planets Stuart Clark 1998
Feynman's Lost Lecture - the Motion of Planets around the Sun David L Goodstein and Judith R Goodstein 1997
Guide to the Planets Patrick Moore 1971
Jupiter G Hunt & Patrick Moore 1981
Lifting Titan's Veil R Lorenz & J Mitton 2002
Mars - the Inside Story of the Red Planet Heather Cooper & Nigel Henbest 2001
Mars - the Next Frontier (Into Space 5!) Sir Patrick Moore 2003
Marswalk One D J & M D Shayler & A Salmon 2005
Meteorites and their Parent Planets Harry Y McSween Jr. 1999
Meteotites - The Key to Our Existence Natural History Museum
Patrick Moore on Mars Patrick Moore 1999
Philip's Moon Observer's Guide Peter Grego 2003
Sunquakes. Probing the Interior of the Sun J B Zirker 2003
The Atlas of the Solar System Patrick Moore, Iain Nicolson etc 1990
The Aurora. An introduction for observers and photographers J Henderson &J MacNicol 1997
The Book of the Moon Rick Stroud 2009
The Cosmogony of the Solar System Fred Hoyle 1978
The Galaxy and the Solar System Ed. Smoluchowski & Bahcall & Matthews 1986
The Neptune File Tom Standage 2000
The New Solar System 4th edition Ed. Beatty Perterson Chaikin 1999
The Real Mars. Spirit Opportunity etc Michael Hanlon 2004
The Sun Iain Nicolson 1982
The Sun - A biography David Whitehouse 2005
Venus Patrick Moore 1988
Volcanoes of the Solar System Charles Frankel 1996
Wanderers in Space
Space Programme
A History of Space Flight (Countdown) T A Heppenheimer 1997
Colonies in Space T A Heppenheimer 197
Computers in Space. Journeys with Nasa Tomayko
Creating the International Space Station Harland & Catchpole 2002
Disasters and Accidents in Manned Spaceflight David Shayler 2000
How Spacecraft Fly. Spaceflight without Formulae Graham Swinerd 2008
Into the Black - The Extraordinary Untold Story of the First Flight of the Space Shuttle and the Men Who Flew Her Rowland White 2016
Lunar Rover - Owners' Workshop Manual Riley, Woods & Dolling 2012
Moon Dust Andrew Smith 2006
Nasa's Voyager Missions, Exploring the Solar System Ben Evans 2003
Reaching for the stars. An illustrated history of manned spaceflight Peter Bond 1998
Skylab America's Space Station David J.Shayler 2001
Solar System Log Andrew Wilson 1987
Space - The next 100 years Nicholas Booth
Space Exploration - Discover the space that surrounds our world etc Carole Stott 1997
Space is a Funny Place Colin Pillinger etc 2007
Sputnick to Space Shuttle Ian Nicholson 1982
The Giant Leap Adrian Berry 2000
Tracking Apollo to the Moon Hamish Lindsay 2001
Two Sides of the Moon - Our Story of the Cold War Space Race David Scott & Alexei Leonov 2005
We Have Capture Thomas P.Stafford 2002
Astronomical Equipment for Amateurs Martin Mobberley 1999
Astronomical Telescopes and Observatories for Amateurs Patrick Moore ?
Astronomy through the telescope: the 500-year history of the Instruments, the Inventors and their Discoveries Richard Learner 1982
Care of Astronomical Telescopes and Accessories M Barlow Pepin 2005
Eyes on the Universe Isaac Asimov 1976
Royal Greenwich Observatory Science Research Council 1975
Small Astronomical Observatories Ed. Patrick Moore 1996
Telescopes and techniques C R Kitchin 1995
The Adjustment & Testing of Telescope Objectives T Cooke & Sons 1921
The Sun and the Amateur Astronomer W M Baxter 1973
Using a Telescope (Getting Started in Astronomy) Tony Williams 1998