Bill Sutherland Award

This award was set up in memory of Bill Sutherland, an early member of CAS, who passed away in 1990. It is awarded each year at the AGM, to a CAS member who has shown outstanding enthusiasm for astronomy and the Society.
Work for the award can be of any astronomical or Society nature and may include (but not exclusively) things like observational drawings, photographs, CCD images, newsletter articles, talks given to the Society, promotion of the Society etc.

Obviously, some work comes to the attention of the awarding committee automatically (such as a newsletter article); other work by its nature may need to brought to the attention of the awarding committee by its author (e.g. photographs).

Remember that we are not necessarily looking for technical excellence but rather enthusiasm for astronomy and the Cardiff Astronomical Society, so enter your work for consideration for this award.

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for this award, please contact us using ContactUsForm stating who you are nominating and the reason for the nomination.

Year Winner
1991-1992 Joe Sullivan
1992-1993 Theresa Cooper
1993-1994 Ian Davies
1994-1995 Bob Owens
1995-1996 Nick Hart
1996-1997 Not Awarded
1997-1998 Not Awarded
1998-1999 David Lewis
1999-2000 Phil Rees
2000-2001 Peter Salter
2001-2002 Peter Grossi
2002-2003 Richard Szpyt
2003-2004 Andrew Ford
2004-2005 Nathaniel Mcinnes
2005-2006 Colin Harris
2006-2007 Russell Pontin
2007-2008 Grahame Carter
2008-2009 Edward Cooper
2009-2010 Mark Major
2010-2011 Claude Vallee
2011-2012 Bob Sutton
2012-2013 Edward Cloutman
2013-2014 Owen Cornelius
2014-2015 Hugh Lang
2015-2016 Cedric Longville
2016-2017 Bob Love
2017-2018 Feras Tuma
2018-2019 Joan Payne
2019-2020 Linda Love
2020-2021 Not awarded
2021-2022 Not awarded
2022-2023 Stephen Webber