Astrophotography with the CAS

Unfortunately, this group is no longer running because of a lack of a member to run it. For obvious reasons, we cannot currently use Dyffryn Gardens or our observatory but once the situation changes if anyone is interested in restarting it please contact a member of the committee or use our ContactUsform

All the images shown in the Society's Gallery were taken by members of the CAS. Some were taken with a DSLR camera with an appropriate lens and fitted to a tripod while others were taken with an expensive CCD camera or with a telescope acting as the lens of a DSLR camera. All were taken in this country and some were taken in the middle of towns. Thus, astrophotography can be carried out with either simple or expensive equipment!

Photographing the night sky with only a DSLR camera

A basic, beginner's guide and filmed in Bristol!

Various ways to attach a camera to your telescope

Made by Celestron in the USA and very informative with no image editing involved!

The videos below all come from YouTube's Astro Imaging Channel:

Astrophotography Tips for Beginners

Selecting Targets for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced Imagers

Astrophotography Setups from the Ground Up

Mounts for Astro Imaging

Imaging in Light Pollution