CAMLINK Pro-series Model TPPRO32B.

I have been trying out some different tripods to use with my Orion 20X70 Binoculars.

At last I have found a really good one.

I need one that will take the weight. These bins are heavy at 8lb. 15 oz. but a tripod needs to take more weight than this when you consider most times the binoculars will be hanging at quite an acute angle. A big problem is tightening the pan and tilt head. With most tripods the head can't take the weight and you find, however much you try, it's not possible to hold them steady. This model has really robust, chunky handgrips to make handling and controlling a dream.

This is my tip; the best way to see if a tripod is suitable is first take the binoculars to the tripod before you buy. With this in mind I arranged a visit to Telescope Planet, 8 Mansel Street, Swansea SA15SF. I wanted to be able to test several and I found the CAMLINK pro-series. Model number TPPRO32B. It costs £125.00. It has a large pan and tilt head with quick release, retractable spiked rubber feet, 3-section leg with flip locks (very handy), and low level leg angle.

As soon as I mounted the binoculars I felt sure it would more than do the job. I set up the tripod in the street, much to the amusement of passers-by, and looked at a large building somewhere in the distance. This turned out to be the main Swansea Police Station. Everyone inside seemed to be working hard, so I left them to it.

The tripod comes complete with a soft carry bag, a small spanner and Allen key. Note that it took me ages to find the tools. They are in a little zipped pocket, inside the bag. All this and it's so light to carry.

But the final and only test that matters is of course how it performs in the field.

I could not have wished for more. I tested binoculars and tripod together over several clear nights (we do get them now and again). I could detect no movement at all. I used variable star fields as this allowed me to place the variable in relation to the field of view anywhere I wanted. This was to see if the weight of the binoculars would cause things to move. Then I set the binoculars at a really sharp angle, looking almost overhead, still no movement.

Now I do realise that £125.00 is a lot of money, but whatever instrument, telescope, camera etc you have is only as good as the mount it is on. This mount will take care of most of your requirements, it's quick to set up, easy to use, lightweight, and will give many years of service. All in all, if you want one mount to cover a range of equipment I doubt you can do better than this one. If anyone wants to have a look at it give me a call and I will bring it to a meeting.

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