A review of Nipon Optics 10X50 Binoculars.

They say every observer of the night sky should have one pair of binoculars for general viewing.

Binoculars are useful for low power, sweeping of the Milky Way, seeing different colours of stars, optical doubles, open clusters, and so much more.

This pair has all the requirements needed to get the best out of our hobby.

10X50 are a good choice; they are lightweight, have a 5-degree field of view and offer long eye relief, and are comfortable to use with or without glasses, due to the rubber fold down eyecups. The centre focus wheel is "chunky" best appreciated on very cold nights when you wear thick gloves. The optics are coated, and feature BAK 4 prisms.

The views of the crescent Moon were stunning. The same was true of the famous double star in The Plough, Mizar and Alcor. I could not detect any flaring and the individual stars remained points of light right to the field's edge. All this and they come in a very handy, soft case.

For those who like some technical information, the lenses are fully multi-coated with broadband coating technology which gives additional image clarity over a wider spectral range.

These are high quality binoculars and very good value. They should last a lifetime and offer celestial delights every time you look up.

I would recommend them to anyone. Approximate price - £45.00.

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