"Telescope Live" Remote Imaging

"Telescope Live" Remote Imaging

Image of NGC6188 taken on 25th March 2020 using Telescope Live

Telescope Live is a new online platform for amateur and professional astronomers alike that provides access to a global network of eight robotic telescopes located under the best skies across the world. Their telescopes are located in Australia, Chile, and Spain, and range in size from small 100 mm refractors to large 100 cm reflectors.

CAS has been contacted by Telescope Live who believe access to clear skies and the southern hemisphere can provide a great opportunity for UK amateur astronomers, and they are offering CAS members an exclusive offer worth £70 to try Telescope Live.

To take up this offer, any CAS member can sign up, and use the gift code UKASTRO20. They will get 20 free credits as they sign up, and 50 additional credits with the gift code. Telescope pricing in credits is shown here.

Information on remote astronomy available from other providers can be found in this Sky At Night magazine article.