Solar Observing at Brecon Beacons Mountain Visitor Centre - 22 June 2019

Fortunately, after a month of unseasonably cold and damp weather, Brecon Beacons National Park turned on the Sun and the CAS outreach team and visitors were bathed in warm (sometimes hot) sunshine all day. The team members received the usual friendly welcome with the requested gazebo and tables in place when they arrived - these were very pleasing when some shade and a place to cool off were needed. Thankfully - unlike the Scottish dancers present for the entertainment of visitors - the team were all dressed in suitable clothes for a hot day with very little breeze. The "best dressed" competition was won, once again, by Mike Foley - sunglasses were needed just to look at his fancy attire!

Those who enjoyed the day came from all over - locals who had had the event in their calendar for months, others from various parts of the UK, and a few people from much further afield including India and Florida. We therefore learned about the differences between trekking in the Brecon Beacons and doing similar in Nepal.

However, the family from Florida, although obviously used to seeing the Sun, had come all,the way to Wales to have a close-up view of our nearest star. We also, at last, got someone in a kilt looking through one of our telescopes!

A very busy day, and we have been invited back for next year!