Stargazing at St Fagans - 18 November 2017

In short, a very enjoyable evening meeting up with some old friends from the National Museum of Wales, Astro Cymru and Usk Astronomical Society plus over 200 members of the public of all ages wanting to talk about our favourite subject of stargazing.

This seemed a different event to last year's evening at St. Fagans - then we had the warm cosy atmosphere of the Oakdale Working Man's 'Stute', such an historical building which brought back memories of my upbringing in the warm community of a coal mining village which did not suffer from light pollution - hence all those stars to find out about.

This year we had the new front building and the HUGE atrium with the glass frontage, balconies, state of the art lecture theatres, and so much space to inflate into, intentional pun!
The event's staff had everything scheduled, arrangements made for security lights to be switched off, car parking for unloading close by, ...... all tickety-boo!

The CAS outreach team soon had all our stuff unloaded and we were set up and running well before time - which was fortunate as the first visitors from a wide geographical area arrived nearly an hour early for this fully booked event.

St Fagans Event - 18 November 2017

Bob Love, Kath, Feras, and Bob Biss talked and educated people about equipment, Kayleigh and Spencer informed people about CAS, I helped people to get started with and without batteries, advising them to take their time looking at patterns through the year and Phill and the juniors present (Owen and Sam) blew up the solar system .....

As usual, Mike Foley had a crowd around his table for the whole evening having engaged them in looking at some wonderful photographs and he wins the prize for the best dressed member of the night, perhaps all our chaps should wear shirts with matching bow ties!

A warm welcome and thanks to new volunteer Michael Boniface who pitched in with everyone else and said he very much enjoyed himself. Cheers, Michael - good to have you in the team!
Much appreciation received from the Museum staff but importantly grateful thanks from the public. Hopefully, we have instilled an interest in some who will follow it up and perhaps ignited a spark in a child who will keep looking up and asking questions.

Theresa Cooper
(If like Michael, you would like to volunteer at the next event, please come and see me. You will be very welcome!)

St Fagans Event - 18 November 2017