Star Attractions at the Museum - 13 January 2018

An event first started by the National Museum of Wales as their tie-in to the BBC's Star Gazing Live.

It has been such a success that TV series or not, they hold this in January every year and CAS were fortunate enough to be invited to participate. The estimate of three thousand through the door proved to be accurate, the actual number being less than 40 short of that!

We were allocated our usual spot by the entrance and the stand snaked around the pillars with Mike Foley taking up the other end with his Weird and Wonderful Photographs. And the observers were well represented with Bob Love, Bob Biss and Michael Boniface showing the public that it doesn't have to be that complicated.

We met up with friends from the Bridgend, Swansea and Usk Astronomical Societies; perused their stands and went across to Cardiff University and Faulkes Telescope stand to try out the state- of- the- art VR equipment. I can say I have visited the International Space Station, taken a tour of some of the labs and peering out of a port hole to view the Milky Way - well almost! It was a very realistic experience and if you have the chance to try this, seize the opportunity. If that wasn't enough AstroCymru were running 3D astronomical films.

Usk AS ran shows in their planetarium, the Museum had their meteorite collection on display with experts on hand to explain the different types and compositions, and downstairs we had a mock-up of the Enterprise bridge with critical situations to faced and the Universe to be saved.

Lots to learn and experience and importantly, lots of FUN! Think you missed out? Well, you may have to wait a year but if you'd like to join in you would be more than welcome. Please come and see me and I'll put your name on the list.

Theresa Cooper