2020/21 Talks

For obvious reasons, the Society currently has no access to its usual lecture room at Cardiff University. We also do not yet know when we will be able to resume holding our fortnightly talks at the University but we expect this not to be possible until September 2021 at the very earliest. Accordingly, we have organised our programme of talks for 2020/21 (see below) on the basis that they will be held, if necessary, using the Zoom video conferencing platform with which many CAS members will be getting familiar.

Please see this General Guidance, Security and Privacy about Cardiff Astronomical Society's use of Zoom for the delivery of a Talk.

2020/21 Talks
Date Title Speaker
30th July Historical Novae Gary Poyner, experienced astronomer and editor of The Astronomer magazine's Variable Star pages since 2000
13th August Space Weather - Protecting the Earth from the ravages of the Sun Sam Walton, Space Plasma Physics Group, University College London
27th August Bursts, bangs and things that go bump in the night - transient astronomy Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, University of Oxford
3rd September The Northern Lights Ian Ridpath, author and writer on astronomical topics
17th September Magnifying the Distant Universe Dr Rachael Livermore, astrophysicist & science communicator
1st October Planetary Nebulae Callum Potter, British Astronomical Association Vice-President and Director of BAA's Deep Sky Section
15th October Virgin Spaceman Prof Nigel Henbest, author and leading science populariser
29th October Deep Sky Astrophotography Gordon Haynes, astrophotographer
11th November (Wednesday) Observing the Red Planet Richard McKim, Mars Director, British Astronomical Association
26th November Interstellar Probes - How can we do it? John I Davies, The Initiative & Institute for Interstellar Studies
10th December How we just might survive Armageddon Phill Wallace, FRAS - Cardiff Astronomical Society
17th December Ladies of the Night (Female Astronomers) Dr Ann Bonell, Leicester Astronomical Society
7th January The Science of Star Wars Jon Chase, freelance science communicator, author and rapper
21st January Las Cumbres Observatory: a global network of robotic telescopes for science, education, and sustainable development Dr Edward Gomez, Cardiff University
4th February Searching for "Dark Matter" and "Quantization of Space-TIme" with pioneering technologies Professor Hartmut Grote, Cardiff University
18th February Betelgeuse Dr Rhys Morris, Bristol University
4th March Beyond Neptune Dr Keith Moseley of the Monmouth Astronomical Research Society (MARS)
18th March ARIEL and ALIEN Worlds: Enabling planetary science across light-years Dr Chris Pearson, RAL Space - STFC
1st April Three Short Talks CAS members and guests
15th April The Science of Armageddon Jay Tate, The Spaceguard Centre
29th April CAS 2021 Annual General Meeting
13th May Observing with Binoculars Mark Radice, Salisbury
27th May A Universe from Scratch Dr Julian Onions - University of Nottingham: School of Physics and Astronomy
10th June Ten Ways the Universe Tries to Kill You Steve Tonkin, FRAS
24th June Apollo 11: The Inside Story Dr David Whitehouse, leading science journalist
8th July Ocean Worlds in the Outer Solar System Dr Craig Jones, Hellas Daily Herald